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  • Why do your washers have prongs?
    Great Question! Assembling screws and washers on the jobsite is painful and time consuming, we know your time is your money. That's why we've created washers with pre-spotting prongs for "on-the-wall" screw assembly! Simply press the washer into the insulation, then both hands are free to stabilize the screw and drill it in. One worker can press the washers into the insulation in a line and another can follow with a scew gun. This results in massive labor savings and less hassle on the job site. Win Win! For even more labor savings, check out our Grip-Lok® Autofeed fastening system, which is designed to fit with the Thermal-Grip® ci prong washer and allows for rapid "on-the-wall" screw assembly. This configuration can be up to 4x faster than installing with bulk screws and washers.
  • How long does the screw have to be for my insulation application?
    We recommend that the screw be at least an inch longer than the thickness of the insulation and/or gypsum sheathing or OSB Plywood. For Example, if you were attaching 2" insulation direct to steel studs, we would recommend our 3" Grip-Deck® self-drilling screws. However if you were attaching 5/8" thick gypsum sheathing and then 2" insulation overtop of that, we recommend using 3 1/2" Grip-Deck® self-drilling screws to attach the insulation outboard of the gypsum sheathing.
  • What if I can't find your products distributed in my area?
    Don't worry! Give us a call at 616-454-3100 and one of our salesman will point you to the best distributer in your location. If in doubt, give us a shout!
  • How soon will my order get shipped once it is placed?
    Rapidly! We pride on delivering FAST. PERSONAL. SERVICE. at TRUFAST Walls. That's why most orders recieved by one of our sales personal before 3:00 PM Eastern Standard Time will leave our dock on the same day. Have a question on an order you placed? Call 616-454-3100 and ask for shipping. It is helpful to us if you have the PO# on hand.
  • How do I set up an account?
    We're happy you are interested in doing business with us! Feel free to reach out to with a number to respond to and one of our sales personal will get in touch with you shortly! You can also call in at 616-454-3100.


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