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Search our commercial building envelope fastening solutions below for your fasteners for commercial building wrap, continuous insulation, stucco, EIFS, masonry / foundation weatherproofing, lath, brick cavity wall, and mineral wool.

Thermal Grip® ci prong Washer
Labor Saving washer used along with Grip-Deck® Screws to attach rigid insulation. Pre-spotting prongs allow for easy "on-the-wall" screw assembly
Grip-Lok® MW Plate
Attaches mineral wool to all substrates including wood, steel, or concrete.
Grip-Deck TubeSeal™
The Grip-Deck TubeSeal™ is designed to help seal fastener penetrations of your WRB and air-barrier when mechanically attaching continuous insulation.
Thermal-Grip FastCap™
The Thermal-Grip FastCap™ is a 2" dia. solid cap washer with pre-assembled or collated screw designed for mechanical attachment of Dupont™ Tyvek® CommercialWrap® or CommercialWrap® D.
Thermal-Grip® Masonry Veneer Anchor
Designed to anchor brick veneer and continuous insulation to steel or wood stud substrates while maintaining thermally efficient design and air barrier performance.
Plasti Grip® PBLP2 Prong Washer
Labor Saving 2" diameter washer for attaching EPS foam in EIFS / Stucco applications. Pre-spotting prongs allow for easy "on-the-wall" screw assembly.
Plasti-Grip® PMF Anchor
Solid plastic fastener attaches insulation to concrete or CMU block in masonry or foundation weatherproofing applications
Plasti Grip® ci Prong Washer
1 3/4" diameter labor saving washer used to attach insulation to wood, steel or concrete susbtrates. Pre-spotting prongs allow for easy "on-the-wall" screw assembly
Grip Plate® Lath & Plaster Washer
1 1/4" diameter Galvalume coated steel washer used to attach lath in stucco applications. For labor savings, use with Grip-Lok® Autofeed fastening System.
Grip-Deck® Self Drilling Screw
Ceramic Coated for corrosion resistance. Attach insulation to heavy gauge steel studs with lengths from 1 5/8" - 6". Available in collated up to 3".
Grip-Lok® Hurricane Washer
3" diameter washer used to attach Mineral Wool. Can Span the joints between sheets to lessen number of fasteners required.
Plasti Grip® CBW Washer
1 3/4" washer primarily used in commercial building wrap applications.
Thermal-Grip® Impaling Fastener
Thermal-Break technoligy allow this Impaling fastener to attach gypsum sheathing while securing mineral wool. Can be installed over or under air barrier and the washer provides a thermal break between screw and nail.
Thermal-Grip® Brick Tie Washer
Labor Saving washer used along with Pos-I-Tie® Veneer Anchoring System to attach rigid insulation in brick cavity wall applications. Pre-spotting prongs allow for easy "on-the-wall" assembly
Grip-Plate® Tab Washer
1 1/4" diameter washer used to attach lath and foam tile backer board.
Thermal-Grip® Flat Washer
2" diameter solid cap washer used to attach commercial building wrap.
Pos-I-Tie® Veneer Anchoring System
Fastener used to attach rigid insulation while securing brick veneer in a brick cavity wall application
SIP Screw
Screws to attach Structurally insulated panels. Available in HP, TP and LD.
Grip-Deck® Hi-Lo Screw
Used to attach insulation to wood or light gauge steel studs. Avialable in bulk from 1 5/8" - 6" or collated up to 3".
Grip Lok® Autofeed Fastening System
Labor Saving Insulation Attachment tool for use with Grip-Deck® ci screws and Thermal-Grip® ci prong Washers and Grip-Plate® lath and plaster washers
Insulation Track System
Victory Bear Track System Insulation Attachment. Fast. Clean. Finished Appearance.
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