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Spiderlath attachment using Grip-Deck Lath & Plaster Washers

Lath Attachment

1-1/4" dia. galvanized steel washer

Grip-Plate® Lath & Plaster Washer

Lath Attachment Washer

- 1-1/4" diameter galvanized steel

- Use with appropriate Grip-Deck® screw to attach lath as per ASTM C-1063

-Use as tested or recommended to support heavy adhered masonry cladding over layers of continuous insulation

- Keyholes for plaster / basecoat bonding

- Attaches exterior gypsum sheathing in high wind load areas

- Compatible with screws or pins

- Made in USA

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Stucco / Stone Veneer Applications.

1-1/4" diameter galvanized steel washer for lath attachment & plaster repair (stabilize sagging plaster or stucco to lath). Attaches lath for stucco / stone veneer applications, even over continuous insulation. Also, can be used to attach exterior gypsum sheathing for high wind-load areas. Available with large or small center hole (for screws or pins).

*Patented and/or Patent Pending

Stucco application lath attachment using the Grip-Plate Lath and Plaster Washer from TRUFAST Walls


Rodenhouse Fasteners to attach Gypsum Sheathing

Rodenhouse Fasteners to attach Gypsum Sheathing

If you're attaching Exterior Gypsum Sheathing to either wood or steel studs, you can easily increase the blow-off resistance of the board if you utilize the 1 1/4" diameter Grip-Plate® Lath and Plaster Washer. This galvanized steel washer is available with either a large or small center hole for either screws or shot-in pins. These washers are designed with a very subtle dome shape to them which flattens entirely when compressed on the surface of the exterior gypsum sheathing, which makes it very easy to install either the air barrier system or for cladding attachment on a flush surface. If the exterior gypsum sheathing is going to be exposed to heavy wind loads during the course of construction, the use of these washers is a very inexpensive insurance policy to 1.) prevent the gypsum sheathing from shifting 2) to keep it from blowing off and creating fall hazards. Various wall assemblies in the market today have exterior gypsum sheathing being attached outboard of the continuous rigid insulation, and the use of the 1 1/4" diameter Grip-Plate® Lath and Plaster Washer along with the Grip-Deck® Ceramic Coated Self-Drilling Screw is going to greatly increase the fastener pull-through and pull-off resistance of the exterior gypsum sheathing. Make sure to subscribe! Website: Facebook: Grip-Plate® Lath and Plaster Washers: Grip-Deck® Ceramic Coated Self-Drilling Screws: Grip-Lok® Autofeed Fastening System:



TRUFAST® Wall Products are designed with

energy efficiency and labor savings in mind, taking traditional installation methods and improving for better building performance. 


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