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Carlisle Install using fasteners from TRUFAST Walls
Fastening Solutions to attach Carlisle Insulation

Carlisle R2+ Wall System

If you plan to use R2+ Exterior insulation from Carlisle to create a layer of continuous insulation you need to consider your options for permanent and energy efficient attachment… TRUFAST® WALLS is here to support you!

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Fastening systems for attaching R2+ continuous insulation

Fastening systems for attaching R2+ continuous insulation

Continuous insulation or ci -- now a requirement for the majority of commercial construction across North America. The necessity to fasten and attach rigid insulation to commercial structures presents many challenges including air and moisture penetration, thermal efficiency, and of course material and labor cost outlays. Rodenhouse Inc. has worked diligently with the major insulation manufacturers to develop unique and efficient fastening solutions that address the new energy code requirements for ci. In this brief video we demonstrate our fastening systems using R2+ continuous insulation from Carlisle CCW. For more information on their great ci solutions including specific installation details check out their website at . First, a quick overview of the fastening components required for manufacturer approved ci attachment. The 2" dia. Thermal-Grip ci prong washer has several unique features. It was developed specifically for ci attachment and is the industry leading tested, recommended, and approved fastener for every major brand of insulation. The unique solid cap design flattens on the surface of the ci when compressed and helps seal the screw penetration against air and moisture. The unique prongs enable pre-spotting of the washers on the surface of all types of rigid insulation including EPS, XPS, polyiso, and mineral wool. This prong feature saves you time and money with rapid onsite assembly using our Grip-Deck ci screws. These premium coated screws are available in multiple lengths for all ci thicknesses and various thread and drill tip styles for wood or steel studs. Grip-Deck ci ceramic coated screws are available in bulk in lengths up to 6" and can be easily drilled into heavy gauge steel using the EZ-Driver chuck adaptor. This simple device fits any standard drill gun and holds any length Grip-Deck ci screw firmly straight for easy drilling, even into heavy gauge steel studs as seen in this short demonstration. Here you see Fire Resist weather barrier applied over exterior gypsum sheathing and heavy gauge steel studs. Once the weather resistive barrier has been completed to the barrier manufacturers installation specifications you are ready to attach the R2+ continuous insulation. Pre-spot the Thermal-Grip ci prong washers on the ci surface, insert screw into the EZ-Driver, and drill effortlessly, even with a single hand. The depth control dial helps prevent over-drive of the Thermal-Grip ci washers. This clever device will save you time, money, and headaches with easy drilling of even the heaviest gauge steel studs. For rapid attachment of ci utilize our Grip-Lok auto-feed system with "Bullseye" adaptor. This attachment method is three times faster than traditional pre-assembled screws and washers and is available with collated Grip-Deck screws of up to 3" in length for wood or steel studs. Pre-spot the Thermal-Grip ci prong washers on the surface of the insulation. The "Bullseye" adaptor conforms to the unique contoured shape of the washer automatically centering the screw gun over the washer hole for rapid screw attachment. This patented system has a controllable depth gauge to prevent overdrive of the washers and ensures a flush surface for attachment of the exterior cladding. For Concrete or masonry substrates we have developed the Plasti-Grip PMF fastener. These are available in various lengths for insulation ½" -- 5" in thickness. The solid plastic design eliminates the thermal-bridging and corrosion often associated with steel screws or pins. Simply pre-drill a hole through the insulation and into the substrate with a 5/16" masonry bit, press the fastener into the hole, and tap flush with a hammer. The large head diameter secures the insulation and prevents wind blow-off. The Plasti-Grip PMF fastener will save you significant material and labor costs while ensuring the most energy efficient method for attaching ci to masonry substrates. Finally, we developed the Thermal-Grip washer for brick-tie applications in masonry veneer cavity wall construction. Adding the Thermal-Grip washer to the brick-tie reduces the number of required ci washers with screws for proper attachment. This reduces the number of penetrations through the insulation and weather barrier which in turn reduces thermal-bridging, the potential for leaks, and of course decreases labor and material cost. Pre-spot the washer on the surface of the insulation and securely attach using the brick-tie. A wire-tie can then be added for masonry joint embedment, or for increased thermal efficiency the Pos-I-Tie Thermal-Clip accessory can be added as a thermal-break.


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