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Fasteners for IKO Ener Air from TRUFAST Walls
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IKO Ener-Air™  /  Ener-Foil™

If you plan to use Ener-Air™ / EnerFoil™ Exterior insulation from IKO to create a layer of continuous insulation you need to consider your options for permanent and energy efficient attachment… TRUFAST® WALLS is here to support you!


Fasteners to attach Ener-Air™ and Enerfoil™ from IKO by Rodenhouse Inc.

Fasteners to attach Ener-Air™ and Enerfoil™ from IKO by Rodenhouse Inc.

"So you’re attaching Ener-Air™ or Ener-Foil™ rigid insulation from IKO and you need to know the fasteners to attach it. Rodenhouse Fastening Systems is here to support you! To attach rigid Insulation to steel studs we have various fastening options to consider. Our 2 inch diameter Thermal-Grip® ci prong washer can be used with Grip-Deck® ceramic coated self-drilling screws to easily attach into all gauges of steel. The dual prong feature on the bottom of the washer enables pre-spotting on the surface of the insulation for easy "on-the-wall" screw assembly. For major labor-savings, use our Grip-Lok® Autofeed Fastening System which is specifically designed to rapidly attach our screws and washers into steel studs. This system is up to 4 times faster than using traditional bulk screws and washers! For masonry cavity wall applications, you can utilize the Pos-i-Tie® veneer anchoring system with our 2" diameter Thermal-Grip® brick tie washer to prevent insulation blow-off and also to prevent air and moisture penetration at the anchor points. For adhered masonry such as stucco or stone veneer, use our Grip-Plate® lath and plaster washers with Grip-Deck screws to attach lath outboard of the insulation. The Grip-Plate® lath and plaster washers are 1 ¼ inch in diameter and help spread the load to be able to support heavier cladding outboard of the insulation. For attaching rigid Insulation to a concrete block or masonry substrate, utilize our Plasti-Grip® PMF Anchor. PMF stands for Plastic Masonry Fastener. These are easy to use by pre-drilling through the insulation and into the block or concrete substrate, placing the concrete anchor into the hole, and tapping it flush with a hammer. No adhesives, pins, or screws required. Rodenhouse Fastening Systems. Global Strength. Personal Service." Rodenhouse website: IKO Ener-Air™: IKO Ener-Foil™: Thermal-Grip® ci Prong Washer: Thermal-Grip® Brick-Tie Washer: Grip-Plate® Lath and Plaster Washers: Plasti-Grip® PMF Anchors: Grip-Lok® Autofeed Fastening System:


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