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Grip-Plate® Tab Washer

Galvanized Steel Plate

1-1/4" dia. galvanized steel, used for foam and wire lath attachment.

Grip-Plate® Tab Washer

Foam and Wire Lath Attachment

- 1-1/4" diameter galvanized steel plate

- Keyholes for plaster / base coat embeddement

- 4 tabs for pre-spotting and lath engagement

- Made in USA

Used for foam and wire lath attachment in insulated stucco walls, one-coat stucco, and to attach foam-core tile backer board.

Use with Grip-Deck® screws or nails over wood, steel, or concrete substrates to attach fiberglass lath, wire or expanded metal lath, and foam boards. 

*Patented and/or Patent Pending


Pre-spotting tabs.

Use with Grip-Deck® screws or pins over wood or steel to attach wire or expanded metal lath, or foam core tile backer board. Tabs offer "pre-spotting" feature by pressing into foam for easy screw/nail assembly.

Grip-Plate® Tab Washer
EIFS and Stucco fastening solutions

EIFS and Stucco fastening solutions

Rodenhouse Inc. is proud to present our fasteners for EIFS and stucco wall claddings. Our 2" dia. Plasti-Grip PB washers are EIFS system manufacturer approved and have been designed to be easily assembled with screws in the field. For added convenience, we also stock pre-assembled washers and screws for various substrates and foam thickness. Our Plasti-Grip PB washer is designed with a recessed throat chamber to prevent thermal transfer through the screw and also has a low-profile design to allow for use in expanded polystyrene foam as thin as 1". For polymer modified wall systems and traditional stucco, we have various washer fasteners available to attach the foam and lath including our 1 ¾" dia. Plasti-Grip CBW washer and 1 ¼" dia. Grip-Plate metal washers both with and without pre-spotting tabs. For rapid attachment we recommend our Grip-Lok auto-feed system as seen here. This system is available through Rodenhouse Inc, and includes the necessary components of the auto-feed screw gun, our proprietary nose cup attachment, collated screws, and Plasti-Grip or Grip-Plate washer fasteners. The Grip-Lok fastening system is especially helpful when fastening into heavy gauge steel studs, as seen in this video. All of the washer fasteners you have seen in this video demonstration are Made in America and we pride ourselves on our fast friendly service. Thank you for watching and please call Rodenhouse Inc. for all of your EIFS and stucco system fastening needs. Rodenhouse Inc. 974 Front NW #100 Grand Rapids, MI 49504 (T) 616-454-3100 (F) 616-454-0404



TRUFAST® Wall Products are designed with

energy efficiency and labor savings in mind, taking traditional installation methods and improving for better building performance. 


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